Star Power: Celebrities who Box

The sweet science known as boxing has been a favorite for movie stars, musicians, and the rich and famous for quite some time now. And it's no wonder why: lose weight, get toned and stronger and become a bad ass in a 60-90 min session. It's easy to assume that those who live exclusively have 500lb. bodyguards or an entourage to cover them, but one out of step remark or action, you may be finding yourself picking up your teeth!! Okay maybe they don't hit that hard,(or maybe they do) but like the Wu-Tang Clan, they aint nothing to F**K with.


Gigi Hadid the supermodel who hangs around stars like Taylor Swift can hold her on; both on and off the catwalk. As you can see, she's a regular at New York's Gotham Gym.


Kendall Jenner is also another patron of Gotham Boxing. The daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner is not afraid to knuckle up.

Mario Lopez. That's right the Extra host and "Saved by the Bell" alum gets down and trains using boxing as a great conditioning tool. We gotta learn his secret of keeping his hair looking perfect while training.

Mickey Rourke, of "The Pope of Greenwich Village" and "The Expendables" fame, actually has fought professionally. His professional record is currently 6 wins (4 knockouts, 2 decisions), 0 losses, 2 Draws.


And Bronx's Finest Jennifer "Jenny from the Block" keeps in fighting shape by implementing boxing in her workouts. Not bad for a former In Living Color flygirl.


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