Opinion: Attack of the Casual Boxing Fans

The threat is out there.

They're coming in droves. Attacking without mercy. Showing very little remorse or Judgement. They don't care who you are or what you think, they are coming. And there's no stopping them. They are:


We know, we know!!! horrible isn't it?? 

It doesn't get any worse than some of their out of this world comments such as:

" I think Pacquiao should fight one of the Klitschko brothers!!!"

"MMA is soooooooo much better than boxing!!"

"All Mayweather do is just run and hold. Why isnt he even fighting??"

Yes, i cannot make this up. However, there is something about these people, who only enjoy a fight when they are around a group of friends who are true die hard enthusiasts, and believe it or not, there is something more shocking than these "fans" who may not know a thing about weight classes that you may not quite understand.

They keep the sport thriving.

Yes, they do.

Now before you all jump on me and say "bull!!! true boxing fans keep the sport alive!!!" think about this for a second...who do you think buys the most PPV's?? While a good certain number of TRUE boxing fanatics do indeed (including ourselves) buy the events, a good number of those who occasionally watch the sport do buy the big names for the sake of seeing two fighters throw a bunch of punches and go at it. While they may annoy us, they do provide a certain level of amusement. Casual boxing fans enjoy the sport for what it sometimes is: a rock'em sock'em brawl. They may not have intimate knowledge of a fighter defensive or offensive firepower or technical background, hell they might not even know they term "cherry-picker" but they do add to the excitement overall of a good match. And in the end that's all we want, a good match so don't go explaining what the WBO,WBC, or any other governing boxing organizations is to them, it wont matter. Just remember this:

Even at one time, you yourself was a casual boxing fan.

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