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The Jungle. Second home. Therapy room. whatever you call the grand stage called the gym, its a place of breaking down the unwanted and building up the best in you. Problem is, it can be kinda hard to do so if you don't have the right necessary equipment to give it all you got. Well thankfully here at Rumble Bros. we're here to give you a heads up on what's the best to get you going and performing strong. A new year means a new set of gym gear for all you veterans of the fitness game and a good indication of what you should buy for all you newbies. We cover what you need from earbuds to kicks (slang for sneakers for you noobs out there) for both men and women so that no one is left out.

Best Earbuds: for $39.99 you cant go wrong with Sweat-proof Bluetooth Headphone from   Kingstar. These are great for Jogging, Hiking, Biking and the weight room. with super sound performance and mega bass including a built-in microphone, these are your best bet. (



Best Workout shoes:  For the men we recommend Nike Lunar Trainer ($110 MSRP) to get that lightweight responsive cushioning.



and for the women there's the PUMA Pulse XT ($70 MSRP) which has a deep groove runs along the length of the bottom of the sneaker to help you move laterally more easily
(Nike Lunar Trainer womens PUMA Pulse XT 
Best fitness tracker/watch:  The Jawbone UP2 ($99.99 MSRP) is not going to dent your wallet, and with features like strong activity tagging, sleep monitoring and smart alarm, you cant go wrong. And its unique styling and comort fit is a plus. for watches the The Fitbit Surge ($249.95 MSRP) will cost a penny but comes with built-in GPS, multisport functionality, and automatic, continuous heart rate. 
(Both the Jawbone UP2 and Fitbit Surge can be found on
okay well we gave you guys what you need to go out there and crush your work outs. now give it a try and let us know what you think of the gear. 
Dream Big Hustle Hard.

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