Essentials: Go the Distance

To be a successful boxer, you must learn the art of not only being able to hit and not get hit, but being able to take a beating as well as dish it out to your  opponent. 

The bread and butter of every boxers goal is speed, endurance and above all, power. Hard work and dedication makes up the bulk of that, but to help supplement and increase that ability adding some supplements doesn't hurt. Here we will provide you with some supplements to help aid you.

**Disclaimer-  Always talk to your doctor before you take a new supplement, and avoid any supplement claiming it's a "cure."****

Gingko Biloba- Oxygen flow to the brain and heart is important for intense physical activity, especially boxing. Use gingko biloba to support oxygen flow and for overall health.

Multivitamins- We can lose important vitamins and minerals everyday, taking multivitamins can not only support your training and performance, but help absorb nutrients from foods as well as help you recover, build muscle and endure intense activity.

Flax Seed- Flax Seed Has a good source of protein, and it also has Omega 3's for healthy brain and cardio function.

Vitamin B- Vitamin B can Help support absorption of nutrients, energy supplementation, and support a healthy liver.

Glutamine- Benefits of Glutamine is Lessen muscle fatigue, support recovery, and replenish amino acids, which is especially important when they are depleted during intense physical activity.

Glucosamine- This supplement can be best used for promoting healthy and well lubricated joints, which is very useful and needed for any athlete involved in high impact activity.


Again, always consult your physician when starting any diet program and see how your body can be affected by taking supplements. Remember supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS, not replacements for grinding in the gym so keep at it and dont stop.


Dream Big. Hustle Hard.

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  • Thanks for the knowledge. I personally don’t take supplements but I do agree that hard work and determination are key!

    • Laurel Coyne